Ferhunde Erkin
Ferhunde Erkin / 1909-2007

Turkey's Promınent Pianist Passes Away

Yasemin Esmen, 19 Temmuz 2007, Turkish Daily News-İstanbul

Ferhunde Erkin hakkında, İngilizce olarak yayınlanan Turkish Daily News gazetesinde
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An obituary in Sunday's daily Hürriyet drew much attention. World renowned Turkish pianist, Fazıl Say, signed it. It read: "I am deeply saddened by the loss of Ferhunde Erkin, the progenitor of pianists in Turkey, the great educator whose support I have felt since my childhood. We will never forget the self-sacrifice of those who have founded our republic."

Ferhunde Erkin, born Ferhunde Remzi, was indeed a Pioneer on the Turkish musical scene. Born in 1909, not only was she Turkey's first concert pianist, but she was also the first person to play the Turkish premiers of 22 piano concertos.

She started taking music lessons at a very young age. She started teaching music at the Musiki Muallim Mektebi (Music Teachers School) in 1931. There she met prominent Turkish classical music composer Ulvi Cemal Erkin and they got married in 1932.

She played in Berlin during World War II in 1943 with the Berlin City Orchestra conducted by Fritz Zaun.

Ferhunde Erkin retired in 1967. She received the Sevda-Cenap And Music Foundation Honor medal in 1999. She passed away on July 11, at the age of 98.

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